Cal State Shows


It's our 20th Year and YOU are in for a treat
September 12, 13 & 14th
at the Sacramento Convention Center

Not only will you be able to talk with the finest craftsmen and home improvement experts, you'll have the unique opportunity to discuss how we can all adapt to our new "water reality" with top experts in the field.  

For the garden enthusiast, Joseph Simcox and Irina Stoenscue provide a fascinating combination of knowledge of dry climate plants and the food history behind them.  Both are international known experts in their fields and we are very fortunate to have them as guest speakers at the Show.

Sacramento is the home of two of the Nation's top specialists in water conservation, use, reuse and harvesting. We are very pleased to bring these outstanding experts to the Show.  Christopher Brown & Chris Lopez, have an unbelievable depth of knowledge in the field of water conservation, water harvesting, permaculture and landscape design.  They will quickly provide you with easy steps you can take to "GrowWater" in your own home and yard. 

Passionate, a walking encyclopedia of the strangest plants on the earth, high energy and extremely entertaining all describe botanical explorer and world food plant ecologist, Joseph Simcox.  For decades Joe has traversed the world, visiting over a 100 countries in search of and discovering thousands of rare edible plants.  He has collected their seeds and has brought many of his finds to the home gardening enthusiast.  Joseph will explore a new palate of drought tolerant suitable for our region and new "water reality".
Growing up in Romania, Irina Stoenescu never thought of becoming a leading food historian.  But, while studying International Relations and Political Science, she quickly realized that the critical topics for humanity have centered around food, resources and the environment.  This realization has lead Irina to remote areas of the world to investigates food's influence on regional cultures.  Presently, she is the Director of America's oldest seedhouse, Comstock Ferre and Co.

Chris Lopez is a certified Water Harvesting Practitioner, Permaculture Designer, educator and co-founder of GrowWaterGrowWater is an organization dedicated to providing solutions in the area of water harvesting, use/reuse and conservation. Chris' landscape designs integrates a mosaic of water saving methods to create a low water usage, low maintenance design that is true to the principals of sustainability. 
Christopher Brown is a nationally recognized expert in water conservation.  He has authored or co-authored numerous studies, manuals and guidebooks on the topics of landscape water conservation, rainwater harvesting, and water budgeting.  As the Executive Director of the California Urban Water Conservation Council, Brown played a central role in the development of recent initiatives in California

The California State Home & Garden Show is northern California's premier consumer event.  It is held at the state of the art Sacramento Convention Center twice a year, January and September.  This all indoor, all in one hall venue provides a very upscale atmosphere for exhibitors and attendees. 

Only the finest home improvement professional are invited to participate.  The Show highlights the latest products and services in the remodeling industry, with an emphasis on kitchen, bathroom. interior design, landscape services, and gardening products.

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Cal State Shows proudly presents the finest consumer events serving the Northern California and Sacramento metro areas.

The Sacramento Convention Center is our exclusive venue.  This upscale facility sets the high quality atmosphere for all of our events.  Covered parking is conveniently located within a block of the Convention Center and exhibitors and attendees receive special event rates.   

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